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The Asia Pharma R&D Leaders Summit 2020 ( ‘ APRDL 2020 ‘ ) will bring in fresh perspectives and establish an efficient platform to discuss about the Trends for Future Global Pharma R&D Revolution and Promoting China Innovation: Emerging Therapeutics Research Innovation and Effective Partnership Model; Promoting China Innovation and Regulatory Landscape; Cellular-Based Immunotherapies ( CAR-T & TCR-T Cell Therapy, CAR-NK, TIL Therapy, iPSC-derived Cell Therapy & Gene-Edited Cell Therapies etc., ); AAV-Based Gene Therapy for Human Diseases; Stem Cell-based Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Development for CNS, Diabetes and Anti-Heart Failure; Advancing Treatment for NASH & Liver Diseases; Immuno-Oncology Drug Development and CMO-MAH Integration; Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Drug Discovery and Development; IP Patent Strategies and Funding Investment Opportunities etc.,....
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